A president of the panel is appointed by the mayor of the Komárno town. Members of the panel are appointed by the director of the municipal cultural centre at the suggestion of the president of the panel.

Sessions/negotiations of the panel are closed, the report, written down by a secretary of the competition, is made from them.

During the competition, participants of the sessions/negotiations may provide neither competitors and journalists nor pedagogues, who have prepared the competitors for the competition, with information about the results of the sessions and the results of the evaluation.

In the first round, one member of the panel and two professionals chosen by him, who are approved by the panel, decide who will go further.
In the 2nd – 6th round, the panel may decide only in the session, where members of the panel are present in the full complement, each member of the panel is obliged to attend all the sessions and all performances of the competition.

The panel’s task is to listen to the competitors and evaluate their performance, decide on the placing or merging or dividing of prizes. The panel decides on awarding prizes of other organizations, as well.

Progress of the Competition
The competitors perform in an allotted order. A performance out of order is possible only in an exceptionally well-founded case with a previous consent of organisers. In the 3rd round, also pairs of prima donna – soubrette will be decided by sortition.

A competitor is obliged to get to the place of the competition at the appointed time and to register at the secretary.

Should a competitor fail to come at the appointed time giving a justified reason, he may perform only with the panel’s consent at the end of a current round.

Competitors are obliged to mention all obligatory and optional works for all rounds already in the Application Form. They may ask for the music to obligatory works at the organiser of the competition.

A competitor without own musical accompaniment, has a right for adequate preparation with the musical accompaniment of the competition during the 2nd - 4th round. It is necessary to observe precisely appointed time for preparation.

In the 1st – 3rd round, the organiser of the competition provides a musical accompaniment or accompanying orchestra.

Evaluation of Performances:
Evaluation is to be a common result of the panel’s opinion. Because of this, each member of the panel is firstly obliged to give his opinion to single performances in the form of awarding points. No agreements or comments are allowed during the performance of single competitors. Letters with points are to be handed to the secretary of the competition after the end of the performance of single groups of competitors – already before a break.

The performances are awarded with points from 1-25. Minimum average of points for proceeding to the 2nd round should be 16 points. Each member of the panel therefore considers this fact when evaluating the competitors.

A member of the panel may not evaluate those competition works that he has not heard in their full extent. In this case, he will sign and hand over his letter with points and he will justify why he abstained in the vote (e.g. he was not present).

Likewise, he does not award points to the competitor, who is his student currently (He will write down to a letter with points „my student“).

The panel may execute also other changes with majority of voices, if these help the competition fulfils its role to a maximum possible extent.

The ceremonial announcement of results and handing over of prizes is executed during the final concert of winners. Performers and program of the concert are defined by the panel.